Sunday, 12 January 2014

Progress so far, what I've been eating

My healthy eating and dieting regime is going quite well, but it's been difficult, and there's still a way to go! Quick check in though: I've lost 2.3kg!

I'm doing the 5:2, as I previously said, but trying to generally eat low calorie foods. Some examples:

0% fat greek yoghurt*
Scrambled eggs
Rye bread with almond butter

Miso soup (lots of this, as so low calorie)
Salad - typically tomatoes, cucumber, mini peppers, sometimes with tuna or salmon

Fish (cod, salmon, haddock...)
Green vegetables (broccoli, mange tout, asparagus, courgette...)

*there's been a lot of hype about sugar replacing fat in low fat versions of some products. I checked, and the 0% fat version of the yoghurt I buy has less sugar than both the full fat and low fat versions 

I've also been trying to cook without fat, using spices, seasoning and things like chilli, garlic and ginger to add flavour. 

I think I might need to start thinking up  alternatives though as getting a little fed up of fish and vegetables.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Another year, another attempt at blogging

So I was pretty rubbish at blogging last year, giving up in March, which coincided with starting a new job and being sent off to Turkey nearly every week until December. Not the greatest excuse, as other people manage to blog with busy jobs, although I suppose it's my blog so I can write on it as often as I like!

Sadly my resolutions for this year are the same as they always are - eat less, drink less, spend less (and thus save more). For this year however, I'm also going to include write a blog post at least once a week (and maybe even get Harry to contribute!), and play my piano and saxophone at least twice a month (if I can still remember how to play). The creative side of my brain needs exercising!

I'm off on the 5:2 diet again this year, it worked really well last year but then after working away, it got hard to control my calorie intake (well to limit it to 500/day) as I was living off plane food and hotel food. And let's face it, I was never going to fast on the weekends when I was back in London. I've had a rather indulgent festive season and so looking to lose about 1 stone, before I go to New York in Feb (20th).

So far today I've had:

1 pint of hot water with lemon juice (a good shake of the bottled stuff, not cordial) with cayenne pepper (also a good shake)
1 miso soup (from a sachet)
1 1/2 carrots
5 cherry tomatoes

And yes I am hungry... waiting to go home and have some vegetables and maybe some dahl (lentils are only about 100 cal for 100g!).

I've also joined the work gym with a class-only membership, so next week I am planning on doing three classes during my lunchtimes - let's see if I actually stick to that.

I'm hoping to share some more recipes on the blog this year,  not just 5:2 recipes as I really do enjoy cooking and now I have an ipad, the quality of my photos should hopefully be a bit better than those I used to take on my phone.